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Mayor Urges Witnesses to Come Forward After Takeoff Shooting, Revenge or Nah?

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Mayor (Sylvester Turner) of Houston is asking witnesses to help the authorities to identify takeoff’s killer. This will prevent additional violence associated to the Migos rappers deadly shooting. Takeoff’s death was discussed at a press conference on Tuesday, November 1, 2022. Mayor turner urged witnesses to speak with police if they attended the private event where rapper takeoff was fatally shot.

Message from Mayor Turner:

“I want again to plead to the persons who were there who have information on who the shooters were,“ Turner said. “Give HPD and law-enforcement information so we can solve this situation sooner rather than later. So you don’t have others out there trying to solve it for themselves. OK? We owe that to Takeoff’s mom and to the family.“

Turner continued to say, “and I want the mother to know and the family members to know that this city is praying for them. And we value their family member’s life, and we intend to solve it. And that’s why we are standing here. We intend to solve it because these types of shootings just can’t happen and then we move on to the next one.“

A 24-year-old woman and 23-year-old men were taken to local hospitals with non-life-threatening injuries, the police said. The shooting occurred after a private party had ended at 810 Billard’s & Bowling, as a large group of about 40 people gathering near the front door on the third level an argument occurred and shots were fired from at least two weapons, leading to many people fleeing, as police stated.

Chief Finner stated, “We have no reason to believe that he was involved in anything criminal at the time.“ No suspects have been arrested so far, the authorities said. They are requesting witnesses who left the scene to come forward with any additional information they might have.

“Sometimes the hip-hop community gets a bad name, “Chief Finner said. “I’m calling up on everybody — Are hip-hop artists in Houston and around the nation — we’ve got two police ourselves. There are so many talented individuals, men and women, in that community, who again I love and I respect, and we all need to stand together and make sure no one tears down that industry.“

Kirsnik Khari Ball was Takeoff’s real name. On Tuesday morning he was shot and killed at Houston bowling alley. Chief Troy Finner of HPD confirmed the rapper’s death during a news conference on Tuesday afternoon. Takeoff was 28 years old.


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Why Does Everyone Love John Cena?

The statement is so true, but why does everyone love John Cena? 

John Cena has granted over 650 wishes and he has broken a record with the Make-A-Wish foundation

He supported children who were critically ill and or less fortunate between the ages of 2-18. The WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) made a post on Twitter sharing Cena’s accomplishments with the foundation. In their caption, they wrote: “@JohnCena has granted more wishes via @MakeAWish than any other celebrity in history. #CenaMonth.”

Fellow WWE star Hulk Hogan and retired race car driver Jeff Gordan both granted over 200 wishes with the make a wish foundation. No other celeb other than the Peacemaker star has granted over 300 wishes to the foundation. 

In 2019 a Facebook post was shared by the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Cena has been the “most-requested celebrity by wish kids, as he fosters strength, hope and transformation for wish kids and their families all over the world”.

John Cena spoke on how he remains active with the organization throughout his career during an appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show he said the coolest thing in the world is that kids would make a wish to see him. 

“The reason I love Make-A-Wish so much is because those are those families’ wishes,” the actor explained. “You can do anything you want, and Make-A-Wish’s list is enormous, they literally will do anything you want – ‘I want to kick it with John Cena and go see him wrestle’ – that is the coolest thing I have ever heard in my life.”

“It means a lot of things,” he added. “It means when we engage, when a wish actually happens, it’s something that someone wants. And we’re the finish line, and the joy on their faces.”

Back in November 2019, after Cena had granted 600 wishes, he told the foundation that he wants to prioritize “Make A Wish” over the obligations of his career.

“I said, ‘If you ever need me for this ever, I don’t care what I’m doing, I will drop what I’m doing and be involved because I think that’s the coolest thing,’” the Suicide Squad star told People at the time. “We’ve all experienced that joy of giving a gift for the holidays where you just nail it — that’s the same gift I get in giving back to people’s lives, in being able to give them wonderful emotional moments.”


Raiken, A. (2022, June 23). John Cena breaks make-A-wish record and grants more than 650 wishes. Yahoo! Sports. Retrieved October 5, 2022, from,of%20those%20with%20critical%20illnesses.

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Coolio Dies at age 59

Coolio, pictured on September 08, 2022.


Coolio reached his peak in the 90’s topping the charts with hits such as “Gangsta’s Paradise” and “Fantastic Voyage” Coolio’s friend and manager Jarez Posey notified CNN on Thursday, September 29th, 2022 of the celebrity rapper’s passing. The circumstances that brought about this tragic loss is still unknown. 

Here were the details after CNN contacted the authorities to verify. Capt. Erik Scott of the Los Angeles Fire Department confirmed that firefighters and paramedics responded to a call on the 2900 block of South Chesapeake Ave. at 4 p.m. local time for reports of a medical emergency. When they arrived, they found an unresponsive male and performed “resuscitation efforts for approximately 45 minutes.” The patient was determined dead just before 5:00pm on the day of his passing

The autopsy did not show any cause for Coolio’s death. Authorities are conducting further investigations on the cause of death. 

“We are saddened by the loss of our dear friend and client,” a statement provided to CNN from Coolio’s talent manager Sheila Finegan said.

“He touched the world with the gift of his talent and will be missed profoundly. Thank you to everyone worldwide who has listened to his music and to everyone who has been reaching out regarding his passing. Please have Coolio’s loved ones in your thoughts and prayers.”

Actor Lou Diamond Phillips also offered his condolences by sharing some memories of the artist.

“I am absolutely stunned. Coolio was a friend and one of the warmest, funniest people I’ve ever met. We spent an amazing time together making Red Water in Capetown and we loved going head to head in the kitchen. He was one of a kind. Epic, Legendary and I’ll miss him,” Phillips said in a tweet.

Former NBA player Matt Bonner also recalled time spent with Coolio, saying in a Twitter post the rapper was a “huge hoops fan… we hosted him at a game a few years back… biggest crowd of all-time at a Spurs Overtime concert.”

Coolio was raised in Compton, California, according to a bio on his official website.

Coolio spoke to the Los Angeles Times in 1994, he talked about how he had overcome his drug habits by becoming a firefighter. He ran every day and learned lots of discipline by changing his lifestyle.

“I wasn’t looking for a career, I was looking for a way to clean up – a way to escape the drug thing,” he told the publication. “It was going to kill me and I knew I had to stop. Firefighting training was the discipline I needed. We ran every day. I wasn’t drinking or smoking or doing the stuff I usually did.” – Coolio

Coolio started his career rapping in the 80’s, he was well known in the underground scene. “Fantastic Voyage” put Coolio on the map in the world of music. He then released “Gangsta’s Paradise” from the “Dangerous Minds” movie soundtrack. The late artist received a Grammy in 1996 for the song. 

Coolio’s music will still continue to thrive and be shared in this digital world. With streaming apps and platforms like YouTube Coolio’s music will live on and so will his talent and legacy. In July 2022, the song reached a milestone of one billion views on YouTube.

Because he didn’t use any slang or trendy words in his songs, Coolio referred to his music as being timeless. Learn more in this recent interview. In his career Coolio has sold over 17 million records in his career.

Coolio has made many tv appearances as well on “Celebrity Cook Off’ and “Celebrity Chopped”. He also has a place in the heart of many millennials with his work on the theme song of the show Kenan and Kel, and Dexter’s Laboratory. 

Coolio has definitely left his mark on the world and will be remembered throughout history. 

Rest well Coolio.


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Gonzalez, S. (2022, September 29). Coolio, ‘gangsta’s paradise’ rapper, dead at 59. CNN. Retrieved September 30, 2022, from CNN’s Megan Thomas, Cheri Mossburg and Taylor Romine contributed to this CNN report.

JCole Keeps his word and attends a fans graduation ceremony!

In 2013, JCole met a die hard fan. He promised to attend her graduation if she kept up all of her grades. JCole is definitely a man of integrity who keeps his word to his fans. After making this promise about a decade ago. JCole kept his promise and attended the high school graduation.

Recently Cierra Bosarge completed college with good grades. Not only did JCole attend the high school graduation, but attended her college graduation ceremony this year as well.

Cierra first reached out to the rapper in 2013 hoping that he would wish her a happy birthday. She finally got a response 3 months later.

“He was like, ‘I know it’s like three months late, but happy birthday.’” Cierra told Complex in 2015. “He laughed at me when I was crying but he said when he comes to Philly he wanted to meet me.”

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Have you met Dave Mitchell?


Mr. Mitchell started his journey in music at the young age of six years old. His parents listened to lots of great music all the time in their home. Dave’s favorite song is from the Michael Jackson album “Off the Wall” the song is called “Can’t Help It”. Dave experienced what he called a “celestial” feeling from this song particularly. The feeling from this song had a huge impact on Dave. Anything that made him feel this way he wanted to be around it. Shortly after this experience Dave’s mother became the entertainment manager at the Playboy club in Chicago. She soon began to work with a band that started having rehearsals at their home.

At this time Dave started to really develop a love for the drums. The band fascinated him, knowing that all the different instruments had to come together and created a musical euphoria. He realized that the drums are literally the heartbeat of the band. Dave began to watch and study the drummer learning to anticipate his routine and musical pattern. Before long, Dave started playing the songs they were rehearsing. Dave believes that God saw his curiosity and growing passion for music. He was blessed with the opportunity to play drums with several musical artists and groups in Chicago.

While attending a new church in the Chicagoland area Dave began helping the ministry by selecting the music to play after service was concluded. After a year of assisting the audio ministry. The drummer shared with Dave, that he was leaving, and was not coming back. This was a complete shock for Dave, and the audio Ministry was turned over to him immediately. Dave felt some anxiety about it but didn’t let that stop him. He was 14 years old when he started his audio engineer journey. His new responsibility was exciting and nerve wrecking at the same time. Dave had lots of on-the-job training, but no formal experience or training outside of the church.

Today Dave has over 35 years of sound and music production experience. Dave realized over the years that sound is the most important part of any event or organization. Dave made so many friends in the TV/Video world and hadn’t realized how much they had influenced him. Around this time Dave was presented with an opportunity to produce a promo video for one of his sisters in Florida. It was then that Dave realized he had a love and attraction for media. Dave utilized his education from Columbia College in Chicago, along with his resources. Because of the relationships he built, Dave has mentors to share wisdom, advise, and examples with him.

Dave was exposed to business through his church youth program called “Partners” this was an impactful experience for everyone who participated. Dave learned business principals, took field trips, and learned things like how to conduct a sales pitch, and run a business. Dave won the “Top Salesman Award” during their sales competition. The person who sold the most cartons of eggs won. It meant a lot to Dave to win that competition even up to this day.
One of the assignments in the partners group was to create a vision board. Dave’s board consisted of music studio’s, music, audio, media, and business. All the things on Dave’s vision board have manifested. “Dreams will come true when you trust God, put in the work, patience, and persistence”, says Dave. Today he owns a company called Renewed Mind Inc. Its business model is comprised of 5 M’s: Music, Media, Marketing, Management, and Mentorship.

Dave recently partnered with a men’s skincare line called Dion Michaels. That opportunity allowed him to produce commercials that were to be aired nationwide. David has been truly blessed to do what he is passionate about while serving others with his skills, gifts, and talents. “It was a struggle because of the lack of resources. I struggled with being patient and being ok with the process of growth and development.”

What does success mean to you?

“I really believe that things aren’t always easy, but they’re worth it.”

“I’m most proud that I get to do what I love, the very thing I said to myself as a child was to be around music to stay connected to that magic feeling and being an example to my daughter to pursue the dreams that move you. What sets me apart from others is my relentless pursuit of vision and wanting to help others pursue theirs as well.”

I define success as reaching maximum potential, along with happiness.

Contact Info:

  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Instagram: @renewedmindinc
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Stories, L. (2022, February 21). Rising stars: Meet Dave Mitchell. VoyageRaleigh Magazine | Raleigh’s Most Inspiring Stories. Retrieved May 12, 2022, from

R-Kelly Case Update: The Judge is telling him No, But His Attorney is Telling Him Yes…

R-Kelly is currently facing a life sentence for racketeering. He is scheduled for two court dates. One in Brooklyn on June 15th and August 1st in Chicago. Kelly’s lawyer Jennifer Bonjean is an attorney with Chicago roots who helped to free Bill Cosby recently. Bonjean filed a motion Monday to get some of the pending charges against Kelly dismissed. The singer is charged with child pornography and obstruction of justice in the Chicago federal court. Bonjean reached out to the federal Judge in Brooklyn to request them to change the date for the June 15th court date until after the August 1st trial in Chicago. The Brooklyn Judge refused to postpone Kelly’s sentencing. He is not waiting until after the August trial is completed.

Bonjean is challenging the courts saying the crimes R-Kelly was accused of were past the statute of limitations, so they should not have been able to hold up in court. 2009 was the last year that Kelly could have been convicted of any crimes regarding these allegations.                 


The Sun Times Chicago wrote, For now, Kelly is locked up in a federal detention center in New York.

Bonjean’s new motion targets counts alleging that Kelly exploited a minor to create child pornography in 1998 and 1999, sought to obtain child pornography between 2001 and 2007, and committed other sex crimes between 1996 and 2001.

She argued that the statute of limitations largely expired on those counts around 2009, a decade before Kelly’s federal indictment in Chicago.

“In its recently discovered enthusiasm to prosecute Mr. Kelly, the government reaches back a quarter century to bring charges of sexual abuse and receiving child pornography that have been long time-barred,” Bonjean wrote.”

Was R-Kelly lying about not being guilty? I guess his “Body was Calling” the experts. Take a look and let’s see what they have to say.

                                (Source: Sun-Times Media Wire – Copyright Chicago Sun-Times 2022.)     


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Is 6ix9ine Broke, or was it a Joke?

It seems like Takashi is facing some sort of financial hard ship even though he claims to be crazy rich. I have heard about famous rap artist in the music industry getting loaner cars, chains, and clothes. Are they using prop money now? Honestly! I don’t think this is anything new. Rappers have to have a certain type of image to be a relevant mainstream artist.

Apparently, Takashi may have to pay some sort of fines and damages for a bold daylight robbery he was a part of in New Yorks Time Square back in 2018. He eligibly robbed Seketha Wonzer and Kevin Dozier they are now suing Takashi for losing their jobs due to the mental anguish and crime that had taken place violated them. The pair won the case by default because Takashi did not show up or respond in time to defend himself on time. After the judgment was set in the plaintiff’s favor Takashi then showed to court to speak to the Judge telling them that he was broke, and he could barely see his family. He said, that the pandemic has affected his touring dates and recently he has found it very difficult to book dates.

Shortly after Takashi was seen in a music video counting millions of dollars, and showing off his expensive car collection. Seketha Wonzer and Kevin Dozier’s lawyers got wind of the video and recently told the judge that Takashi’s actions demonstrate his total lack of remorse for his role in the robbery.

“Despite subsequently informing the media that the funds displayed were fictitious, the fact remains that [6ix9ine] brazenly boasted about being rich after having committed serious federal offenses. Indeed, that boast, in and of itself, clearly shows 6ix9ine’s total lack of remorse. [6ix9ine,] adding insult to injury, belittles the anguish of his victims by touting his stability and success. And, worse, he did so as part of his entertainment business and is actually financially capitalizing upon it,” Wonzer and Dozier’s lawyer Matthew G. DeOreo told Judge Jennifer E. Willis.

The pair claim Takashi is also threatening them in the lyrics to “GINÉ” where he raps:

Run up on a n####, gimme that Where your jewelry at ? Stupid little n####, gimme that/Where your blicky at?/Pull up on em’ make it brrrrrraaaaaattt/B#### you know that when I see you, we gonna make it brrrrrraaaaaattt

Robert S. Meloni, who is defending 6ix9ine against Seketha Wonzer and Kevin Dozier’s claims, has already replied.

Meloni claims 6ix9ine’s “generic” lyrics are protected by his first amendment rights. He also denied that the lyrics in “GINÉ” are directed at Wonzer and Dozier.

“While the lyrics may be coarse and generally offensive in polite society, there is no support at all that plaintiffs are the subject of the song ‘GINÉ’s’ lyrics,” he told Judge Willis. 6ix9ine’s lawyer doubled down on the rapper’s desperate financial situation as well.

Like 6ix9ine, Meloni said the money in the Instagram video was fake.

Reference: Winslow, M. W. (2022, April 22). Tekashi 6ix9ine Fake Money. All Hip Hop. Retrieved April 25, 2022, from

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Long Hair, Short Hair, No Hair, Don’t Care!..

Was it really about the hair joke, or was it more about manipulation and control?

Just a few weeks ago there was big news during the Oscars awards ceremony. Will Smith stole the show when he slapped Chris Rock due to a joke he made about his wife’s hair. Many people have different views regarding the slap. Some say that Will Smith did right to protect his wife’s honor, while others say that he should have handled the situation entirely different. He should have taken a high road or a better course of action.

You never really know what goes on behind the scenes, we don’t know what is happening behind closed doors, or what turmoil is cooking up inside a person. Was the joke a breaking point for Will Smith? Will and Jada have so much of their life swirling around in the media daily, dealing with the backlash from everyone.

The pressure from people watching their every movement can be unbearable. Celebrities are people just like us. They endure pain and trauma just like we do, they feel and have the same emotions. Yes, they are privileged but society does not take it easy on them. We are all human and we are all fragile.

Who knew Jada suffered from alopecia? I didn’t… Ever since I could remember Jada has always had short hair. From what most knew she liked it that way. The short hair, no hair works for her. No one is just going to assume. “Yeah… Jada probably has alopecia so we can’t joke about her hair.” It’s not common knowledge. Not to mention the apologies were pretty whack!

Digging a bit deeper… Jada has been bashed and criticized about the level of manipulation used against Will AND her children. It doesn’t stop there! Even her fans have chimed in about how narcissism was one of her biggest topics, and how Jada has never admitted to her short comings and bad decisions she had made as a wife and parent.

Many think that she is self-center, self-serving and self-absorbed. It was clear that Jada had set her family up to serve her needs and wants while neglecting their wishes. Willow and Jaden said they didn’t know what type of world they were getting into, and that their parents never explained what the entertainment industry would be like. There is some resentment from their children regarding the decision to turn them into child stars.

The Smiths also believed letting their children do whatever they wanted, if they could explain why they wanted to do it was not the remedy to becoming the perfect parents. In fact, what they are going through today is proof that strategy did not work. Not only did it not work but it backfired. All children should have some structure and guidance otherwise they would have legal right to be independent of their parents after birth.

The Entanglement

Let’s ice the cake here. Jada never admitted that her Infidelity, oh no I’m sorry, “Entanglement” was wrong, and she made a mistake. She didn’t ask Will for his forgiveness and made excuses as to why she did what she did. “I just wanted to feel good!” was one of them. Jada even went to say, “I wouldn’t even call it a transgression because I learned so much from the situation.” This statement shows there is no remorse regarding her being unfaithful to her husband and being the number one contributor to the breakdown of their family.

I wouldn’t say that Will is free of charge in this matter as the Man is in control of the relationship when it comes to the family. He could have put an end to this some time ago as he told himself no matter what he does he will never measure up to 2Pac and he’s a dead man! Well, like their motto says, “We ride together, we die together, bad marriage for life!” They spoke this into existence and heaven and earth complied. Be careful what you say. It will come to past, check out this video!


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What did the five fingers say to the face?.. SLAP!!!


Ok! Everyone has heard about the SLAP that Will Smith gave to Chris Rock during the Academy Awards. I am really on the fence about it from what I understand Jada has a scalp medical condition. On the flip side Chris IS a Comedian and may make fun of you, PERIOD! I did a live panel on this, and there are so many mixed views about this situation. Some feel like Will was at his breaking point having gone through so much drama and tension already in regard to his wife (Jada Pinkett-Smith‘s) “entanglement” with August Alsina. After Chris’s GI Jane joke. Will was clearly laughing until he saw Jada’s reaction to the Joke. This clearly took him over the edge. We know it is a husband’s duty to be the protector for his wife. The question that stands right now, could Will have dealt with this in a different way and took the high road? Of course! However, it would not have been as exciting for the world. The Academy feels as if Will Smith not only stole on Chris, but he stole the whole Awards show. No one was really focused on the awards after the slap or paying attention to who had achieved what! The whole place was still very tense and caught up on what just happened. Academy leaders were upset and outraged by Will’s behavior, and are deciding on Will’s future. There was a letter to CNN from Academy President David Rubin and CEO Dawn Hudson that says the group is working on a “determination” on “appropriate action” for Smith, which could “take a few weeks.” See the CNN article here. Jim Carey was one Actor who said he was “Sickened’ by the standing ovation Will was given afterwards. On the other hand Comedian Tiffany Hadish agrees Will should have stood up for Jada.


Was this bad conduct? Yes. Could this have been handled in a different way to get a clear point across to Chris? Yes. There are so many things we just don’t know looking from the outside in. We also don’t know what Will and Jada are facing in their private lives. There are so many moving parts to this situation and so many variables that lead to this outcome. From doing my research there are ways to have handled this situation in the moment and afterwards to make it clear that Rock was wrong for that joke. Just the idea that someone is talking about Jada period could have sent him over the edge. They have been through so much with the media and their personal situation. People can only take so much yawl. They are only human. Celebrities are imperfect, and they feel and bleed like the rest of us.

This incident has gone from the Oscars, to “Jerry Springer Show” (figuratively speaking), now to The White House! I think this is going way too far by making it a political situation. Just let the Academy follow their policy and due process of dealing with this incident.

Here are a few ways Will Smith could have dealt with that situation:

1.) He could have put his serious face on and shook his head in dis-approval of the joke to let Chris know it was highly inappropriate.

2.) He could have addressed the Media and told him how upset his wife was about the joke due to medical reasons.

3.) He could have requested a public apology from Chris after the Awards show and shown some restraint during the show.

4.) My thoughts… Will could have requested a public boxing match with Chris to defend his wife’s honor. Let them duel it out properly. Its a time and place for everything!

5.) Will could have simply not laughed, and tackled the disrespectful moment after the show.

What do you think Will should have done in this situation?

Share with us in the comments below we would like to hear your perspective.


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Do Scam Rappers REALLY Scam?


What is scam rap?

Scam rap is a technological cultural shift towards psychological data driven crime. This Detroit kid Teejayx6 a.k.a “Teejay Witherspoon” started off his scam career by deceiving adults on Twitter at the age of 12. “I used to make a fake warehouse page, saying I was a store,” he said in a recent No Jumper interview. “I’d put a fake location in the bio area thing, then I’d post Xboxes, TVs, everything on there – sell them for like $500.” He called this an “original scam” that was supposedly common that everyone did. My question is, did he do any scamming? Is the actual scam making other people believe that he was scamming and could help them scam too? At about 15 or 16 Teejayx6 decided to combine rapping and scamming since he always wanted to rap. “If you ain’t got no money bro, trust me you can’t be stressin. I’m about to teach you how to swipe from these little lessons.” In his song  “Swipe Lesson”  Teejayx6 explains step by step how to scam. This June 2019 track taught people how to credit scam.

Teejayx6 was supposedly never arrested for any crimes! How is this possible. Fans thought he had been arrested during a live concert when U.S. Marshalls showed up, hand cuffed him and escorted him off stage. Later fans found out the arrest at the concert was staged to make noise and headlines. This is something to think about. How is it that other scam rappers such as “Shitty Boyz” “Woods a.k.a “_selfmadekash” on IG. Other scam rappers have been arrested and prosecuted for their scam crimes. How is it that Teejayx6 has never been prosecuted or done prison time? He had private meeting where he would coach people on the art of scamming and air drop them information and resources. Maybe the feds can’t build a case on Teejayx6? He was asked during an interview do you care about your fans getting into trouble or being prosecuted for crimes they committed? He tells the interviewer no he doesn’t care, and they shouldn’t have gotten caught! Teejayx6 has supposedly claimed well over $10 million from his scamming activities. How long will he be able to continue scamming and not get caught? Maybe it’s just a marketing tactic. What do you think?

There is another group featured on World Star Hip hop. They call themselves G4Boyzb they are culturally of Ghanian and Nigerian descent. They talk about how scamming is the only way for them. They rap about how they scam online and use people to get their money. In the song “Scam Likely” they talk about how they go fishing on Tinder. They reference how tough and persistent they must be to get what they want from people. They spoke about getting gift cards to use and buy things from Walmart. This was expressed in their song called “In Scam We Trust” In some cases, these scammers may not even be overseas but your “Local Scammer.” As the song said, “I gon take my time, I gon date online” be especially careful if you are into online dating. These scammers have no remorse or care for you it’s all bout the next dollar so don’t answer if it says, “Scam Likely.”

G4 Boyz

If you were ever scammed, please report it. You can report all scams and fraudulent activities to The Federal Trade Commission. You can also contact The Office of the Inspector General to open an investigation. You may be able to help prevent someone else from being scammed or taken advantage of.

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“First He’ll Scam You, Then He’ll Rap About It” Video:

What Is Scam Rap? (